Multifamily Insights: Ep. 59: Find Deals and Stop Chasing Returns with Ivan Barratt

Growing up in a family of investors, Ivan Barratt had a taste of real estate during his formative years. Since then, he had set his goal of becoming an investor himself. He studied about the industry and even worked a commission-based job just to gain experience. At his lowest point, he started a property management company Barratt Asset Management out of his spare bedroom and slowly began acquiring properties.  Fast forward, he became a multifamily owner, manager, and syndicator, who specializes in an agency and FHA finance project. Based in Indianapolis, he focuses on strong Midwest markets with a long-term strategy. On this episode, he shares his thoughts on managing properties, finding deals that work, growing markets, and financing opportunities.



Key Market Insights


  •    Grew up in a family of real estate investors, influencing his vision
  •    Graduated from one of the top real estate schools, Indiana University
  •    Worked on commission-based as an in-house salesman for a local developer
  •    Started Barratt Asset Management (BAM) out of his spare bedroom in 2010
  •    Leveraged BAM as a vehicle to acquire assets and generate cash flow
  •    Manages over $150 million of real estate
  •    Recently closed a 163-unit apartment community
  •    Property Management Company - provides relevant and honest information regarding your chosen market and expected type of tenants
  •    Current underwriting strategy: Does not chase internal rate of return and cap rates
  •    Indianapolis Market is gentrifying economically: New developments & constructions, and diversified job growth
  •    Other Markets: Suburb Northeast of Indianapolis (McCordsville), Southwest Ohio, Kentucky
  •    Good Location: Strong school districts, diversified employment, new developments
  •    HUD Financing: Long-term financing for ABCD assets with 85% LTV for acquisition, replacement reserves and renovations
  •    Currently writing his book and redoing his website


Bull’s Eye Tips:


Winning Your Market: Persistence


Tracking Marketing Changes: Be curious every day. Read a lot of information. Be diligent.


Daily Habit: Keep God and family first. Work out in the morning.




HUD Financing



Book Recommendation:


If You’re Not First, You’re Last by Grant Cardone 


Principles by Ray Dalio


Collusion by Luke Harding



Digital Resources






Tweet This:


“Instead of focusing on how much you could earn, focus on how much you could learn.”


“Get on a team with a track record, if you know you need help.”


“Take small steps on a daily basis to cultivate relationships.”



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Multifamily Insights: Ep. 59: Find Deals and Stop Chasing Returns with Ivan Barratt
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