How to maintain a positive mindset in tough times

Given everything that’s happened in 2020 so far, many of have slipped into a low-grade depression. Since the start of quarantine, social media has become a battleground fuelled by negativity. Luckily, as some businesses start to reopen, there are opportunities to start sharing good news on our platforms once again.

That being said, most of us are still holding onto what our lives used to look like, which makes things even harder. 

How can we pull ourselves out of the daze? How can we recreate a sense of normalcy in these abnormal times? In this episode, we share how we can pull ourselves out of the daze and adapt to the new normal. 


Maintain a sense of normalcy by replicating the feeling of a productive space in your home. - Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How to stay activeGyms closing doesn’t mean we have to neglect our fitness. Take regular walks and runs around the neighborhood to boost positivity and expel some energy.


How to create a workspace at home Many of us used to enjoy working from offices or coffee shops, but that option may no longer be available to us. We can replicate those productive spaces by researching what they look like and building a similar setup in our own homes. 


The importance of consuming the right contentListening to educational podcasts can help us get our minds back into business mode. By rethinking the present situation, we can channel our energy into creativity.

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