Going Hyper-Local: Building Superfans and Finding Your Community Niche w/Paige Schulte

To build influence within our local communities, we have to stop trying to be everything to everyone and start niching down. The key to being hyper relevant lies in being hyper local.


How can we carve out niches for ourselves, and how do we stay top of mind for the people in our communities? 


It’s time to start narrowing down our focus and providing value to the people in our marketplaces.


On this episode, Realtor at Windermere Professional Partners, Paige Schulte shares how to go hyper-local and find a niche. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • To create a niche, we can’t worry about helping everyone with everything. We have to be intentional and decide what we want to be known for. 
  • Showing up to every community event isn’t always possible, but showing up on social media is. Show up consistently on platforms like Instagram Stories.
  • Know who you’re talking to: Simply having a particular person in mind as our target audience can help with creating great, relevant content.


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Guest Bio

Paige Schulte is a Realtor at Windermere Professional Partners. After relocating to Gig Harbor, Washington four years ago, Paige decided to enter the real estate space with the intention of becoming the top agent in her marketplace- and succeeded. Paige uses social media and her blog to build strong relationships with her clients that stand the test of time. 


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