Getting Out of Our Own Way: Leverage, Systems and Freedom w/Verl Workman

Being an agent in the shifting market that exists today can be challenging, and the changes that are taking place are easier to ignore than to face and act on. How are iBuyers impacting our business? What can we do to integrate iBuyers into our own business? How does specialization and teamwork help us give better service and grow? In this episode, Verl Workman discusses lead generation, lead conversion, and iBuyers, and what we can do to compete with new challenges in our marketplace.

Tracking the right things, understanding your business, focusing on profitability and developing your people - that’s really the crux of running a successful business. -Verl Workman

Three Things We Learned

How to help clients feel at ease with our team

We think that we need to do every single thing for a transaction and that clients expect that of us, but consumers today are trained to deal with specialists. When we are clear that we are the main point of contact but that other specialists will be dealing with each level of the transaction, we create a better client experience.

How to make iBuyers part of our business

We can include advice on and negotiations with iBuyers in our contracts with sellers to assist them in the listing process. By doing so we can make the process more hassle free, and keep our seller’s transaction local rather than having to deal with online strangers at a national level.

Using systems that create freedom

When we look at our business as transactional, we are seeing it as an agent selling houses. We need to think about our business like a leader would by delegating what occupies most of our day, and by focusing on business development, people development and profitability.


Everybody likes to believe that iBuyers aren’t affecting them until they start losing listings to them. We need to lean in to market shifts and talk about them in order to continue to play a role in the transaction process. By working ourselves into every conversation that our consumer is a part of, we remain a part of it too. When we focus on the customer experience, work with a team of specialists and focus on profitability over cash flow, we make room for our business growth in a shifting industry.


Guest Bio

Verl Workman is the Founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems, and he is a Professional Speaker, Consultant and Coach. Over the course of a career spanning nearly 20 years, Verl has delivered over 1,000 seminars, webinars, keynote addresses and other motivational messages to real estate and sales professionals around the world. His coaching focuses on motivating real estate agents and brokers to get real results with today's technology. Verl has over 18 years of public speaking experience, and he earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association in 2016. He specializes in sales training and incorporating technology for maximum performance, and his winning attitude and undying passion infuse every encounter with a sense of discovery that empowers him to inspire his clients and truly change lives.

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