Episode 205 - Interest rate update from JP Conklin at Pensford Financial. What you need to know!

Who has money to lend on real estate these days? CMBS, Fannie, Freddie, regional banks? When the economy grinds to a halt; who lends money on commercial real estate? Are transactions actually being done? JP Conklin advises commercial real estate investors on the direction of interest rates. His group, Pensford Financial Group helps investors reduce interest rate risk. JP Conklin discusses pressures that many “securitized” lenders are challenged with right now. To contact JP CONKLIN: pensford.com To read JP Conklin’s most current newsletter: https://www.pensford.com/why-flattening-the-curve-is-overrated/ Are you interested in learning more about how Multifamily Syndications work? Please visit www.spiadvisory.com to learn more about Michael Becker’s Real Estate Syndication business with SPI Advisory LLC.

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