Free And Low Cost Marketing Tips For The Agent On A Shoestring Budget

We’ve all heard the saying, “spend money to make money,” but what happens if we don’t have any? The harsh reality is, some agents just don’t. 


So, what’s an agent in a tight position to do? Are there ways to market ourselves without spending a dime? What should be our first splurge when we do have the means to invest in our businesses?


In this episode, we’re weighing in on marketing budgets, and what to do when we don’t have one. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to compete with big tech Even a top producer is unlikely to have a marketing budget anywhere near that of a big tech company like Zillow. What can the average agent do to stay in the ring? 


  • How to run ads on a shoestring Is it smarter to hold off on ads until we can afford to target everyone, or what should we be doing instead? 


  • The best social media platforms for agents with no budget Social media is free, but with so many options available to us, knowing which platform to zone in on is tricky. Which networks are likely to get us the best results?

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