Is Your Mindset Holding You Back from Your Full Potential? Here's How to Change That w/Tim Parnell

The key to running a successful business that not only pays the bills but truly fulfils us lies in our mindset.


The question is, how can we tweak the way we think so we’re brought closer to our goals? What does the ‘right’ mindset look like, anyway?


In this episode, Dallas/Fort Worth Realtor, Tim Parnell joins us to discuss how to turn our mindsets into something sexy and rock ‘n roll. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why mindset matters more than we tend to realize What separates the mindset of a millionaire apart from that of everyone else? 


  • How to think like a RESPONSIBLE business owner When we’re working for someone else, slacking off is met with a swift response. What happens when we’re the ones at the helm? 


  • The importance of prioritizing our happiness as entrepreneurs Why does loving what we do make all the difference when we’re trying to run successful companies?


Guest Bio


Tim Parnell is a licensed Realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. While he’s only practised as an agent for the last 4 years, he has an extensive background in real estate, having first shown interest after seeing infomercials on TV growing up. His background in the industry includes home remodeling, home owning, real estate investing and home inspections. Tim has also been the host of a real estate podcast.


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