WBP - Start With The End In Mind with Steve Harward & JJ Childers

Start With The End In Mind with Steve Harward & JJ Childers


Prime Corporate Services (PCS), owner and CEO Steve Harward, was able to go from working a blue-collar job wearing a hard hat and working a shovel to successfully building multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses. 

After seeing a large gap in knowledge and support for legal and financial structuring for investors and entrepreneurs, Steve and his brother opened Prime Corporate Services with the goal of helping small businesses and those like himself obtain long term success. 

In just 7 short years, PCS has helped over 35,000 investors, traders, and entrepreneurs obtain the correct structure for their businesses and holds an A+ rating with the BBB. PCS files thousands of small business taxes every year and has helped generate millions of dollars in business credit.

J.J. Childers is a licensed attorney whose primary practice focuses on the fields of asset protection, estate planning, and tax reduction. Through his innovative approach to the practice of law, he works with clients to help them understand the tools and strategies available to formulate a customized plan to get, grow, and guard wealth for themselves, their businesses, and their families.  

They speak with us about tax prep, corporate credit and flat screen TVs.




The Rundown

Prime Corporate Services

Filling A Need

Entity Creation

Corporate Credit

Tax Prep

Estate Planning

Wealth Protection


Protecting Assets

Structure Right


Tax Reduction

Common Pitfalls

Cash Poor


Tax Advantages

Planning Ahead

Tax Code





Dun & Bradstreet

Flat Tax

Corporate Credit

Access to Capital

Small Business


Rental RE

Section 199A


Rich Dad Poor Dad



Delegate Don’t Abdicate

Information Gathering

Equity Exposure




Series LLCs

Book Recommendations

Basic Human Needs

Special Offer


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