How to Build Relationships and Boost Your Professional Profile w/Hassan Riggs

No matter how technologically advanced our businesses become, real estate will always require human interaction, so we have to focus on building relationships. Is it possible to build trust faster or could speeding things up actually be harming our businesses? How can we boost our professional profiles, and is there a way to offer high-tech services without sacrificing real human interaction? On this episode, CEO of Smart Alto, Hassan Riggs, shares how to build stronger relationships with our clients.  


Takeaways + Tactics 

Don’t expect to see immediate results with clients. Trust takes time, so build relationships with clients at a natural pace.

The best way to build a relationship is by teaching people. Offer knowledge and information, and clients will associate us with value.

There’s so much emphasis on becoming high-tech, but to build great relationships we also have to be high-touch. Technology means nothing if we’re not using it to connect with other people.

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