Stop Limiting Yourself! It's Time to Think Big and Ask the Universe for What You Want w/Sean Osborn

We all think we have big dreams, but more often than not, we’re thinking a lot smaller than we realize. 


How can we get into the habit of thinking bigger, and how big is big enough? Can we really achieve anything we set our minds to, or should we be setting more realistic goals for ourselves? 


In this episode, mindset strategist, coach and host of The Thinking Big Podcast, Sean Osborn shares how to quit limiting ourselves and create the lives of our dreams. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why our thoughts matter more than we realize Our thoughts ultimately become things, so why waste time and energy and put our dreams on the line by thinking small? 


  • How to stop self-limiting beliefs in their tracks Our belief systems are shaped when we’re kids, so sometimes we don’t even know we’re thinking too small. How can we work to change our beliefs when we don’t know where they come from? 


  • How to keep thinking bigger How can we get into the habit of consistently pushing for more when we’ve already started taking steps towards our goals?


Guest Bio


Sean Osborn is a mindset strategist, coach and the host of The Thinking Big Podcast. The developer of The Thinking BIG Model, Sean is passionate about helping others remove their self-limiting beliefs and maximize their potential, so they can achieve their wildest dreams. 


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