Ep. 148: Turn Your Life Around through Multifamily with Agostino Pintus

Agostino Pintus was a C-Level Executive in the IT field in his late 20s, but in his early 30s, he received a box for his efforts to pack his belongings. What followed was a 10-year downward spiral until he realized the only thing keeping him afloat was his real estate portfolio. At that point, he decided to go all-in on multifamily. Over the last 20 months, he has acquired $40 million worth of multifamily in the Cleveland area as a general partner. In today’s episode, he shares what led to the downward spiral and how he recovered, why passive income is key for anyone with a day job, and how he manages his assets. 


Key Insights

  • Became a C-Level Executive in IT before getting laid off
  • Went down a dark path for 10 years, sending out 500 resumes weekly
  • Real estate kept him afloat and then he committed to multifamily
  • Goal is for his kid’s kids’ kids to know his name
  • Thought he was great at technology, but realized real estate is where he was supposed to be
  • To turn his life around, he removed all negative people from his life and got clarity on his goals through affirmations
  • Found two new (virtual) mentors - Robert Kiyosaki and Sam Zell
  • You can slave at 40 hours a week or take control of your own life
  • An  LOI is more than an offer, it’s your chance to convince the seller that you can close on the property
  • Focuses on Cleveland/Akron MSA
  • Conducts a weekly KPI (key performance indicator) call with property management - looks for trends in the figures 
  • Seeks C class assets in B areas, but primarily buys C properties in C/C+ areas
  • Manage construction by providing the budget and finding contractors that can work within the budget


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Bull’s Eye Tips: 



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Apparent Failure:

Forced him to sell everything to get into multifamily


Most Recommended Book:

10x Ruleby Grant Cardone 



Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:



Daily Habit:

Going to the gym every morning


Wish I Knew Starting Out:

Only started real estate out of fear of losing his job, wish he had a better mindset


Wish I Knew 12 Months Ago:

How big he could expand with social media


Best Place to Grab a Bite in Cleveland:

Cleveland Vegan


Connect with Agostino:

Website: https://bulletproofcashflow.com/

FB/IG/LinkedIn: @BulletProofCashflow

Text “Freedom” to 202-410-4202 for a free ebook on working with brokers 


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