Ep. 141: The Secret Sauce for Content Marketing with John D. Saunders

Content marketing has been around for a long time and has been proven to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion for many businesses. And with the rise of social media, content marketing has become easier for entrepreneurs and marketers. The challenge, however, is consistently creating compelling content and figuring out what resonates with an audience.  


John D. Saunders started using mini-blogs on Twitter and then re-purposing the content for Instagram. This strategy worked well as he actually started by listening to his Facebook Group on the topics and information they wanted to learn more about. John is a digital marketing strategist and the Founder of 5Four Digital and BlackWalletorg. He shares the key steps to create great content, identify key topics, develop a content calendar and scale your social media followers. In addition, he serves up a ton of digital marketing resources to aid in content development and marketing. 


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Key Insights

  • Creator 5Four Digital and BlackWallet.org
  • Helps online marketers and entrepreneurs drive success 
  • Focuses on value-add content
  • Leverages bite-sized, mini-blogs on Twitter to communicate marketing strategies, repurposes content for Instagram
  • Launched a digital marketing agency to prioritize time with his family 
  • Anyone can see success through e-commerce, courses
  • To hire someone, create an SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
  • Tips to Create Great Content Consistently: Batch your content, focus on 1-2 platforms, post daily, focus on comments, DMs and saves
  • Leverage targeted FB groups for feedback and engagement
  • Get the content out there with the MVP - Minimum Viable Product


Bull’s Eye Tips:



The Lean Startupby Eric Ries


Apparent Failure:

Losing a client, which leads to understanding why they left, addressing alternatives and updating SOPs


Most Recommended Book:

The E-Mythby Michael E. Gerber


Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:

See "Curated List" Above


Daily Habit:

Waking up at 5am


Wish I Knew When Starting Out:

You can’t do it all by yourself


Wish I Knew 12 Months Ago:

Real estate investing


Advice for College Student:

Get started while you are in college


Current Curiosity:

Real estate investing - creating generational wealth


Best Place to Grab a Bite:



Connect with John:

Twitter & Instagram: @JohnDSaunders


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