Ep. 107: Refinancing Apartments After Only 3 Months with Caleb Bryant

Buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat. The popular strategy known as BRRRR has been elevated and expedited by Caleb Bryant. He managed to implement the strategy on a large apartment complex and refinanced in just 3 months. Caleb and his Relentless Capital team have invested in 800+ units collectively.

Learn more about his strategy and how he went from a touring musician to touring apartment communities with his partners. 


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Key Market Insights

  • Lives in Huntsville, AL and invests in Birmingham, AL
  • His team has invested in over 800 doors and Caleb has invested in 170 doors
  • Was touring as a bassist in a band through the Southeast Region
  • Invested passively first after networking with a sponsor
  • Was doing random jobs as he looked to break into real estate
  • Learned real estate through podcasts and Audible while working other jobs
  • Felt passive investing in a syndication was a relatively safe option
  • Quit his job and got on the active side
  • Met someone in Orange County and got a coach through RE Mentor
  • Found current team through persistence ……and Craigslist
  • Invested in a deal in the 5 Points West area of Birmingham
  • 5 Points West: Lots of good things happening, infrastructure, private investment
  • $20MM sports complex moving two blocks away from the property
  • Closed a 96 unit in January and began refinancing after 3 months
  • Buy a property for 65% of what it will be worth
  • Paid over $29k per door, but it was worth $40k at closing, and will be worth $50k per door when refinancing
  • Larger companies – hedge fund, private companies – willing to let it go at a discount
  • $2.5MM in private debt – as low as 12% interest



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Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Build your team

Tracking Market Changes: Stay in touch with people

Daily Habit: Writing goals daily



Best Business Books:

Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks 



Digital Resources

Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger


Tweet This:

“When I see an opportunity, I take it”

“Hedge funds are willing to let [properties] go at a discount”



Places to Grab a Bite:

The Fish Market in Birmingham


Connect with Caleb:

Facebook - Facebook.com/relentlesscaleb

Instagram - @RelentlessInvestor

Website: Relentlesscapitalgroup.com

Phone: 615-752-8520


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