Multifamily Tax Benefits with Thomas Castelli, CPA

From an early age, Thomas had the entrepreneurial bug and a passion for business. Growing up he would buy and sell items on eBay, repair computers, and even go door to door washing cars, mowing lawns and cleaning yards. He graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting and runs

His first multifamily investment was as an LP through his mentor. He invested in several more properties as a passive investor before buying an 82-unit apartment community, as an active partner. Today he helps people build wealth, achieve financial freedom, and retire securely through his knowledge of real estate tax law and multifamily investing experience. He talks with us about the benefits of a CPA and what to look for in a good one. We discuss depreciation and the benefit of LLCs. Gino gives us an Atlas Shrugged update and Jake doesn’t like bananas.

College Experience His Mentor Getting Started Leaving NY State Income Tax Property Taxes Qualities of a good Tax Prep Being Proactive Specialization Risks of Audit The Grey Area Questions to ask your CPA Tax Strategies Accounting Software Tax Benefits of Real Estate Real Estate Professional Status Depreciation Bonus Depreciation Responsibility Cost Segregation Partnership Benefits LLCs Savings through kids Atlas Shrugged Making the Most of Opportunity What’s the Solution? Opportunity Funds Capital Gains Tax Itemize Everything Never Split The Difference Do The Work Habits for Success Bananas Value Adds Converting Units RUBS 2019 Live Event, Orlando Action Steps


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