Getting Started With Multifamily Investing W Travis Robert

Travis is a principal member of Grindstone Capital Ventures LLC. He has six years’ experience in real estate with a proven track record of identifying, analyzing, acquiring, operating and repositioning multifamily assets across Western and Central U.S. markets. Mr Limbocker is a California native who worked in various high-tech sales positions before realizing his passion for leveraging real estate to achieve financial freedom.

Robert has been in the housing industry for 15 years, primarily in the non-profit and government sector. He gained extensive knowledge and experience regarding government subsidy programs in his five years as a Program Manager/ Acting Director of Section 8 Housing for the San Francisco Housing Authority. Today, Mr. Musallam oversees a 1000+ unit portfolio of assets for a local city. He traces his passion for real estate to his Housing Authority days, during which he saw firsthand how real estate investing could impact someone’s life while networking with high-net-worth property owners in San Francisco and managing upward of $120 million of federal subsidy.

Key Insights: 00:00 Introduction 03:45 The first deal 08:27 Joining the community 14:16 Take-aways from bootcamp in Phoenix 18:33 Multifamily as a business 22:26 Invite conflict with respect 26:06 The aha moment! 30:04 Buying 180 units in 12 months 33:00 Choose the goals that make you uncomfortable 35:03 Putting systems in place 39:23 Wrap-up

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