Marketing Strategies for 2019

As we head towards the new year, it’s time for us to refine our marketing and gear up for dominating and growing our business in 2019. How do we market correctly to the people who actually identify with our brand archetype? What lesson can we learn from the mind-blowing Payless “Palessi” campaign? On this episode, Gene Volpe joins us talk about some marketing strategies we can employ in 2019 to get more results and connect with more people.

We leave a lot of money on the table of the cutting room floor of content we’re already creating. -Greg McDaniel  

Three Things We Learned

A recent change in Instagram’s algorithm

In the past, our follower-following ratio was a huge determinant of how highly we ranked on Instagram. It determined how important people think we are, and how good they think we are at our jobs. Instagram has made changes and now it’s not as important.


How to boost our door-knocking with the online space

We can use door-knocking as the beginning of a campaign to retarget the people we see online. The race is getting as much valuable information on your prospect as possible and that means having something valuable, so they are willing to give you their email addresses so we can retarget them.


Why we have to be careful about how we market

All attention is not good attention, all publicity is not good publicity, unless we want to be polarizing. Real estate agents don’t convert on polarization, they convert on trust and credibility so we have to be careful not to take too many marketing risks.

Any marketing strategy going into 2019 has to have video at the top of the list. There is no way to get more followers or grow our business without it. Facebook advertising is still relatively cheap so that’s another tool we have to include in our battle plan. We have to have a presence on Instagram that shows people who we are and gives them something to relate to. If we market to people who identify with our brand archetype, we will see way more results.

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