Episode 226 - Buy 5000 units…Sell 5000 units…NOW Build 5000 units. Glenn Gonzales is a Superhero in multifamily

In the podcast today, we speak with Glenn Gonzales and Mike Woodfield of Obsidian Capital. Glenn has the vision and Mike has the muscles to make things happen. You may have heard Glenn’s story or read it in his book- ‘Maintenance Man to Millionaire’; Glen started at the bottom. Yes…he was the maintenance man at a small apartment building. He was making everyone one else rich so why not himself and his family. He saw that owning and managing your own apartment building was the way to make real wealth. Glenn went on to buy over 5000 apartment units. Today…he and his team are building Class A & B apartment complexes. A great story on how you can make it happen. He did it. Can you? To contact John Brickson: JBrickson@oldcapitallending.com To contact Glenn or Mike: https://www.obsidiancapitalco.com/

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