Chris Prefontaine Returns: How to Do Real Estate On Terms

A changing real estate market presents opportunities that we can use to be more valuable to clients. What is the opportunity in doing real estate on-terms? How can agents add these to their listing presentation, and bring more value to prospective buyers? Why is it so important to expand our approach to real estate beyond listing homes? In this episode, author, investor and founder of Smart Real Estate Coach, Chris Prefontaine is back to talk about this incredible opportunity in real estate. 

Nationally, more and more real estate is being done on terms because banks are getting harder to work with. -Chris Prefontaine 

Takeaways + Tactics 


Selling on terms is a win for everyone in the transaction

The great thing about doing real estate on terms is that a seller doesn’t lose any money, and can get out of the home quickly, a person who wants to get into the home but can’t easily get a bank loan can rent to own, and the investor gets a property that will cash flow.  


Build up your credibility 

Not everyone has an established reputation, and that can make it scary to approach sellers. It’s important to have confidence, and to mention any partners you have in the business who have more experience, and it’s also important to join the Better Business Bureau. It’s important to have ties to credibility.  


The value of being investor vs. an agent

It’s better to say you’re an investor with an offer to buy a house than it is to say you are a real estate agent saying you want to list their house.

Guest Bio

Chris Prefontaine is the best-selling author of 2017's Real Estate On Your Terms and this year's The New Rules of Real Estate Investing. A real estate investor with over 27 years experience in the field, Chris is the founder of Smart Real Estate Coach and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast. He lives in Newport, Rhode Island with his wife, Kim, and their family. Chris operates the family business with his son, Nick, his daughter, Kayla, his son-in-law, Zach, and an amazing team. 

Chris is a big advocate of constant education. He and his family mentor, coach, consult, and actually partner with students around the country, teaching them to do exactly what their company does. Between their existing Associates nationwide and their own deals, Chris and his family are still acquiring 5-10 properties every month and control between $20-$30 million dollars worth of real estate deals — all done on TERMS without using their own cash, credit, or signing for loans. 

Chris and his family believe strongly in giving back to the community. They currently support Franciscan Children's Hospital in Brighton, MA, 3 Angels Foundation in Newport, RI, and the Wounded Warrior Project by giving a percentage of all deals to those causes.

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