Stop Losing Money with Bad Quality Leads w/Brad McDaniel

We’re all aware of how important the right data is in creating marketing strategies. However, many of us aren’t sure what the right data is. 


What information should we be obtaining for maximum results, and more importantly, where do we find it? 


Once we have the right data, how do we use it to build and expand on our relationships? After all, real estate is a people’s business, so we can’t rely on information alone. How do we combine human connection with cold, hard facts? 


In this episode, the CEO of Likely.Ai and brother to the Junior Grandmaster, Brad McDaniel shares the difference between clean and dirty data, and how the right information can supersize our businesses. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why we need to stop looking for clues in explicit data Our leads give us some explicit information about themselves, but that can only take us so far. Implicit data is what helps us figure out a leads’ interest and intent, so we can find tailor-made solutions for their needs and wants and ensure we’re only presenting them with options we know will work. 


  • How to get in front of the right people at the right time It’s never a bad idea to play the long game, but we also don’t want to annoy our database when they’re not in the market to buy or sell. Tech like Likely.Ai lets us target the people who are likely to need our services soon with our more aggressive campaigns. 


  • The cost of bad data Using data to bolster our marketing isn’t just an add-on, it’s non-negotiable. Over $600 BILLION is lost every year because businesses are using bad data, so by not getting the real figures, we’re losing money.


Guest Bio


Brad McDaniel is the CEO and co-founder of Likely.Ai, artificial intelligence geared towards solving the number one problem faced by real estate professionals: bad quality leads. A sought-after Director of Business Strategy, Brad is an entrepreneur at heart, passionate about problem-solving and developing launching successful web and mobile products.


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