Your Brand on Every Device in Every House: Total Market Domination w/Jake Wolfe

Despite all the technology available to us, many agents are still using old-school marketing strategies and hoping for above-average results. If we want to dominate our markets, we have to up our game. 

The consumer of today is online, and if we aren’t staying in front of them digitally, our competitors will be. To make our mark on the industry, we have to start investing in high-tech solutions that enable us to track our leads all over the internet.

Which technologies will allow us to target our audience wherever they are? How can we use advanced software to stay ahead of our competitors every step of the way? 

In this episode, co-founder and co-developer of KlevrLeads, Jake Wolfe shares how to dominate the industry with next-level marketing tools. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:


  • How retargeting pixels take us from average agent to advanced marketer:

The only way to stand out in this business is by becoming ambassadors of our craft. We have to stay top of mind for everyone in our database, and the best way to do that is by consistently trapping our leads in retargeting pixels. 

  • How geofencing keeps us in front of the audience everywhere they go:

The biggest players in every industry are using geofencing to target their databases wherever they are, and agents should follow suit. By taking advantage of geolocating services to earmark where our leads are spending time, we can ensure they’re constantly surrounded by our ads.

  • Why it’s important to put pressure on our competitors:

Everyone in our market is competing for the same leads, so we have to put pressure on our competition. Advanced software like KlevrLeads makes this possible by targeting our competitors’ leads with advertising that dissuades them from doing business with anyone but us.


Guest Bio:

Jake Wolfe is the co-founder and co-developer of KlevrLeads, a next-generation lead gen and communication software. Passionate about helping real estate professionals make their mark on the industry using tools like predictive analytics, custom audience development, and geofencing, Jake is an executive marketing expert. 

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