Start Creating Video Content Today or Prepare to Get Lost in the Noise w/Mike Cuevas

We’ve all heard about the importance of video content marketing, but many of us are still confused about how to do it right. If creating content is no longer negotiable, how do we create the content that works?


What do our databases want to see from us, and how can we get better at giving it to them? Do camera-shy agents even stand a chance anymore? 


In this episode, the man behind Real Estate Marketing Dude, Mike Cuevas shares how to create more engaging content in a time when video marketing is mandatory. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The content guaranteed to set us apart from other agents As real estate agents, we’re all effectively selling the same thing. What kind of content do we need to produce to differentiate ourselves and stand out? 


  • How to create content that hooks our ideal audiences Body language and tonality can make or break a video. How can we come across as genuinely interested in everything we’re speaking about, so we can get our databases more excited? 


  • What needs to be included in our content Most agents assume they need to discuss 2 things in a video: real estate and themselves. However, that’s a MASSIVE mistake. What should we be talking about instead?


Guest Bio


Mike Cuevas is the founder of Real Estate Marketing Dude. Having spent years as an agent himself, Mike knows that the average agent just doesn’t have the time to become a marketing expert, and that’s why in 2015 he decided to make the shift to full-time marketing. Mike is passionate about video marketing and prides himself on finding unique ways forward for all his clients, so they can get the best results while staying true to who they are. Mike is the host of the Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast.


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