Building Wealth is a Game- Here’s How to Win w/Andrew Rey

Raising capital is all a game, and it’s one the wealthy have mastered. The trouble is, most people have never been taught the rules of how to play, and that’s where we get left behind.


We may be on the same game board as the wealthy, and we might even be using the same pieces, but until we start adapting their strategies we’ll always be at a disadvantage.


What are the wealthy doing that the rest of us aren’t? How can we change the way we’re thinking about raising capital and set ourselves up for better results?


In this episode, author of Entrepreneurial Money Secrets, Andrew Rey shares how to play the game of wealth and win.


If building wealth is a game, we have to ensure we’re using the right pieces on the board. LLCs, corporate entities, land trusts, and living trusts are all instruments we need to learn to use. -Andrew Rey


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why everything we’ve been taught about debt is wrong: Most of us have been advised to avoid debt at all costs, but that’s only going to keep us from growing. For entrepreneurs, leveraging credit is the first step to building out our capital. 
  • How to get our money to flow and grow like the wealthy do: Everything in the universe is meant to keep moving, and our money is no exception. To get a maximum ROI, we can’t park our money in a bank like we’ve been led to believe- we have to keep circulating it as it grows. 
  • Why the wealthy keep their business and personal credit separate: As soon as we start acquiring wealth, we become a target for lawsuits and audits, and if our business and personal credit aren’t separate we run the risk of losing everything. Just like we’d have land trusts or LLCs for each property we’re holding, in business we have to set up corporations as a protective measure.


Guest Bio

Andrew Rey is a credit and business funding expert. Currently serving as the CEO of Flow Business Funding, LLC., Andrew has an extensive background in the business. He is also the best selling author of Entrepreneurial Money Secrets: Unlock the Power of Corporate Credit to Leverage Access to Business Capital and Win. Andrew has an incredible background story, having spent time in prison in his 20s. Determined to use his time productively, Andrew surrounded himself with keen business minds, learning secrets of the wealthy he would never otherwise have learned. Today, he is passionate about sharing that knowledge with others as his way of paying it forward.

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