How to Increase Your Likelihood of Success w/Brad McDaniel

There are so many leads available to agents today, but only a small portion of them will actually convert. Therefore, we need to find ways to ensure we target the right people. How can we increase our likelihood of success? Would using a predictor or algorithm change anything about the way we do business today? On this episode, CEO of Likely.AI, Brad McDaniel, shares how we can increase our chances of success. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Be aware that while around 200 million leads are generated every year, the number of actual transactions hasn’t increased by much. That means most of the leads we buy aren’t going to convert. 

We can increase our likelihood of success by using a predictor such as Likely.AI. Using a predictor allows us to cut through the clutter and speak to the right people.

Using a predictor doesn’t mean we have to change anything about the way we do business. We still need to build relationships with our clients; the difference is, by using a predictor we don’t waste time with the wrong leads.

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