ASK MIKE MONDAYS - Michael, can you define what KEY PRINCIPAL is?

Michael discusses and defines the term: KEY PRINCIPAL and how it applies to commercial real estate lending. The lender makes the loan to the Borrower. The Borrower is not typically an individual; but typically a limited partnership. Generally, where the Borrower is a limited partnership, the general partners are the managers of the Partnership. Thus, individuals general partners are potential Key Principals. For any general partner of the Borrower which is an entity, the Lender must identify as Key Principals those individuals who control that general partner. Key Principals usually have control of the Borrower and a fiduciary responsibility to the limited partners. However, where either a managing general partner or group managing general partners have been authorized in the Borrower's Limited Partnership Agreement to manage the partnership without participation from the other partners, then, the Lender must identify as Key Principals only those individuals managing general partners, or if a managing general partner is an entity, those individuals who control that managing entity individual general partners and the principals of non-managing entity general partners.

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