A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Retargeting: If You're Not Following Up, You're Losing Out - BIG Time!

Putting out an ad or making a phone call is a great way to spread the word about our brands, but if we’re not following up on those efforts, we’re leaving a ton of money on the table. 


How can we make follow up an integral part of our marketing processes, so we never run the risk of losing top of mind awareness with our spheres? Are any follow up strategies more effective than others? 


In this episode, we’re diving deep on retargeting marketing and how to do it right. 


If you don't have a follow up campaign, all of your individual outreach efforts will be nulled. -Jake Wolfe


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to ensure our retargeting marketing resonates with our spheres It’s one thing to retarget our marketing, but how can we make sure we’re doing it in a way that helps us build a better connection and genuine relationships with our ideal clients?


  • How much to spend on retargeting When it comes to retargeting, should we be working with a particular budget in mind? 


  • Where to draw the line between being present and being annoying How many emails are too many emails? How can we ensure we stay top of mind without hounding our databases?

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