Steps to a Better Realiff Profile for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents invest a lot of time and resources in building brands. We’re trained at it – and we’re good at it. But how often do we apply those skills to building our own personal brands? Your Realiff profile page is the foundation for your professional branding. And we regularly add features to increase its capabilities as a professional marketing platform and give you new ways to signal your skills and motivations. If you haven’t checked your profile page recently, you might well find new ways to build your personal brand.

Here are a few profile features you should check and update. Some of them are very quick wins, some of them may take a little bit of time – but all of them are very worthwhile. They will help to give you the Realiff profile and professional brand that you deserve.


  1. Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn.
  2. Add a background photo.
  3. Pick the right headline title that describes your service (such as Professional Real Estate Agent)
  4. Add a bio that describes your experience and services you provide, This is your professional message to your clients. Invest more time to write a short but appealing bio. 
  5. Add a video bio. It can be as short as a minute but it’s super important for your branding
  6. Update your profile url. This is a unique address to your profile. By default we use a combination of your first and last name to build the profile.
  7. Update all profile items including Covered Areas, Languages, Education, Work Experiences, Services, and Contact Info. Your profile will be shown in the search results when you’ve completed this information.
  8. Frequently send posts and answer questions. This is a great way to gradually build your brand, engage with users, and remind them that you are here to help.


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