WBP - Keep Your Sword Sharp with Bryan Chavis

Bryan Chavis is founder of The Landlord Property Management Academy and author/creator of one of the top property management designations/certifications online. Chavis runs one of the top blogs for real estate professionals at LandlordAcademy.com and is a property management coach for Keller Williams MAPS. Named one of the top 40 up-and-coming entrepreneurs under the age of 40 by the Gulf Coast Business Review, he travels the country coaching real estate professionals, and consults for some of the largest housing authorities in the nation. Chavis lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife and their daughter. He speaks with us about hiring practices, property management tech and audiobooks. bryanchavis.com The Rundown Live Event Update March Buy It, Rent It, Profit Getting Started Changes in Property Management Technology Rent Increases Hiring A Team Service Industry Underwriting Cancer Execution Morning Routine Sole Purpose Hiring Property Management 7 Protected Classes Disaster Protocols Rent Collection Syndication PM Software Habits For Success Self Education Staff Retention Company Culture Ability To Change Key Takeaways Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for lots of great content! Get tickets to our next Multifamily Mastery Event in Orlando!

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