RCRE - The Power of Liquidity with Omar Khan

Dylan Marma and Mike Taravella interviews Omar Khan who is responsible for Multifamily Acquisitions for Boardwalk Wealth. 

  • Buy Right so you don’t have a property that you can’t exit
  • Chances for having a more favorable increase:
    • If you are in a bigger, more liquid market
    • Execute true value-adds, instead of having the market driving
    • Leave some value-adds for the next seller
  • Class C properties are trading for the same cap rates as Class B
  • The biggest risk investors are facing is that sponsors aren’t raising enough money
  • Leave 6-9 months of cash flow personally and in your business
  • You’re never a forced seller when times are good
  • Investors must trust you and believe in the story of the deal, not just the numbers
  • Ask specific questions to sponsors to see their thought processes
  • Accounting & Finance team members live and die by the income statement
  • Don’t be fearful to ask questions 
  • Reassess your underwriting assumptions by comparing with actuals
  • Expert Tip: Have the patience and reserves as a sponsor to get paid. Sponsors generally get paid on the sale of the deal and it takes several years to do so.

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