How to Use Social Media for Meaningful Engagement

As real estate professionals, being visible is non-negotiable, so we have to make sure we’re gaining as much meaningful visibility as possible on social media. Which platforms should we be taking advantage of to boost our followings, and should we be striving for a high number of followers in the first place? How can we connect with the kinds of people we want to work with when we don’t have a big following? On this episode, we discuss how to use social media for meaningful engagement and better results. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Be mindful of where the audience is. It’s easy to be distracted by new platforms, but we have to keep creating content for the platforms where we already have a following. 
  • Aim for engagement. Having a high number of followers is irrelevant if we have no engagement with those followers, so we should spend more time making a real impact on our current audiences. 
  • When we have little-to-no followers, the best strategy we can take is to reach out to the people we want to work with directly. Most social media platforms allow users to send direct messages- so make the most of those.

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