How to Overcome Distractions w/Byron Van Arsdale

In a world filled with so many notifications from multiple devices, it’s extremely easy to get distracted, but if we double down on our focus, we can maximize our productivity. How can we take control of our days and minimize distractions? Why is it so important to shift our mindset away from negativity and self-limiting beliefs? On this episode, COO and Head Coach at, Byron Van Arsdale, shares how to overcome distractions and maximize our results. 


Takeaways + Tactics 


Come at goals from a mindset of control. When we go into tasks believing we have full control of the situation and our focus levels, our chances of success skyrocket.


When aiming to take up something new, whether that be exercise or a new skill, start by doing one. By simply committing to one action, we get one step closer to reaching our goals, and it’s easier to take the second or third step. 


We all have to eliminate the words ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ from our vocabularies and replace them with ‘I’m in the process of...’. Stop being the victim, start being the victor!




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Guest Bio

Byron Van Arsdale is the Chief Operating Owner and Head Coach at A former broker-owner, communication specialist and Master Certified Coach, Byron has been coaching real estate and business professionals to success since 1991. Byron is also an internationally recognized speaker, creator of 6 Audio CD training programs and the author of No More Lame Conference Calls. 


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