Patience, Persistence and Utilizing The Three Step Framework With Derrick Carpenter

Mr. Derrick Carpenter is a financial-services executive with a technology

background, an operational focus, and 15+ years of experience serving the retail and financial industries. His expertise includes digital commerce and global payment platforms; technology integrations to streamline the customer experience; lobbying for strategic agendas for organizations and industry groups; and leveraging an excellent understanding of how all players deliver payment systems to merchants or customers.

In this episode, Derrick shares with the listeners how he joined the Jake & Gino community to learn a framework to invest in multifamily. It took Derrick around eighteen months and exhibited persistence and an ability to tap into the community to close on his first deal during the pandemic. Derrick discusses what led him to find the deal, underwrite the deal and ultimately close during a turbulent time.

Derrick’s goal is to continue to implement the Three Step Framework (Buy Right, Manage Right & FInance Right) to manage and grow his portfolio.

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