Episode 218 - Listen to how TWO HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS started buying apartments outside of Minnesota

Professional Snowboarder, Dan Brisse, is known for taking risks on the powder. His insane stunts on a snowboard have made him gonzo famous at the X-Games. His business partner and longtime friend, Michael Roeder is a little more conservative…well…a lot more conservative (I think he still wears a tie.) These two buddies came together to create a business relationship that provides housing for hundreds through apartment syndication. Michael and Dan give us their background on how they started with single family homes and then transitioned into multifamily. They now own and oversee hundreds of apartment units in several states. The guys also talk about the benefits of hiring and using a mentor in purchasing apartments

. To contact Dan & Mike: granitetowersequitygroup.com To contact John Brickson: JBrickson@oldcapitallending.com

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