Overhaul Your Marketing Ahead of The Forbearance Extension

With mortgage forbearance extended until June 2021, markets across the US are likely to see a ton of foreclosures in the coming months and years, and as agents, we must educate both ourselves and our clients on the best way forward.


What’s in store for agents, going forward? How can we advise the people in our markets to make the right decisions? 


Does our marketing need to shift for what’s to come?


In this episode, we’re talking about all things forbearance, the housing bubble, and micro-marketing.  


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How agents can pivot ahead of mass foreclosures Banks aren’t in the business of holding assets, so Realtors bring a unique skill to the table. By establishing relationships with local title reps and community banks and letting them know we’re on hand to help, we can become the go-to liquidation pros in our markets.


  • How to become a trusted advisor in the markets we serve Most people aren’t going to advertise that their properties are headed for foreclosure, so if we know it’s likely to happen in our areas, it’s up to us to start identifying the problem and present solutions in our marketing. 


  • The content we should be sharing As agents, we have access to knowledge that the average consumer does not. Focus on creating educational content and become a resource for people who need a way forward.

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