Biohack Your Way to a Booming 2021 w/Brian Culhane

2020 threw a lot of unexpected challenges our way, and even though real estate was deemed essential in most places, many agents are still feeling anxious about what the future holds. However, by reprogramming our bodies and minds, we can overcome our fears and make 2021 our best year yet. 

We have more power over ourselves than we realize, and by making necessary tweaks here and there, there’s no reason we can’t achieve anything we set our minds to, no matter what’s going on in the world. What are those tweaks, and how do we implement them in our daily lives?

Is it even possible to switch things up when it already feels like we’ve got too much going on?

In this episode, co-founder and Chief Cultural Officer at eXp Realty, Brian Culhane shares how to reprogram ourselves for better results. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to get better at the core component of sales: Talking to strangers is the essence of sales, but it’s not always easy. We have to work on becoming the best versions of ourselves to have the confidence and energy required to build relationships with new people.
  • How to build capacity when it feels like we’re drowning: Most of us have experienced feeling like we have too much on our plates, but the trick to changing that isn’t by taking anything away, it’s by doing more. Our capacity is like a muscle, and working it only leads to bigger results. 
  • Why doing it on our own can actually hold us back: Working as a lone wolf can only get us so far, so if we want to see great results we have to work alongside others and be willing to ask for assistance when we need it.


Guest Bio:

Brian Culhane is the co-founder and Chief Cultural Officer of eXp Realty. He is passionate about fostering a collaborative community within eXp and has played a vital role in rapid growth into 45 states. Brian is also the CEO of The Culhane Group at eXp, and host of Brian Culhane- The Success Philosopher Podcast. 


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