Every Reason Why an IDX Website is the WORST Idea for Your Business

Agents in every market are developing IDX websites - and that’s exactly why we should avoid them at all costs.


Why are so many real estate pros falling for the trap of an IDX website, and aside from the fact that the online space is saturated as is, why is investing in one a big mistake? What should we invest in instead?


In this episode, we’re going deep on why IDX websites are a bad idea and listing the places where we should be channeling our energies. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The foolproof strategy GUARANTEED to get more people reaching out to us Can going deep on just one message get us more business than we ever imagined? 


  • The #1 place to channel our marketing budgets (that ISN’T an IDX website) If we’re not spending $500 to $1500 on an IDX website every month, where should we direct those funds? 


  • 1 thing to change on our social media pages TODAY Are we unwittingly turning people ‘off’ of our social media presence before they’ve even seen our content?



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