Randy Wouters On The Key To Fostering Sustainable Growth, Because You Shouldn't Have Any Limits On Your Dream (Or Your Team!)

Whether we’re seasoned agents or total newbies to the business, we’re all capable of building the kinds of teams that bring in results for years to come. We just have to re-think the steps it takes to get there. 


So, what are those steps? How do traditional team models hold us back from building something that benefits not only us, but our agents, too? Can we recalibrate our existing strategies and shift into something that really works? 


In this episode, US Growth Operations Manager at eXp, Randy Wouters explains how to build teams that bring in results in the long term and benefit everyone involved in them. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The importance of humility Everyone wants to be successful. The real question is, are we willing to get over ourselves and take advice from those in the know? 


  • How to retain top agents long-term The traditional teams model dictates that leaders pour into their agents for several years, only to have those same agents fly the nest at their peak. Is there a way to retain our agents without clipping their wings? 


  • How to stop taking rejection so personally How can we get better at handling rejection from agents who aren’t looking to join our teams?


Guest Bio


Randy Wouters is the US Growth Operations Manager at eXp. A former schoolteacher, Randy is passionate about motivating those who come into his world and strongly believes that with the right help, anyone can make their dreams come true. 


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