Millionaire Fast Lane with MJ DeMarco


In this episode of Wheelbarrow Profits, MJ DeMarco details why he feels following your passion can be destructive career advice. He describes the 5 CENTS Commandments from “Millionaire Fast Lane” that are essential for every entrepreneur when starting a business and why the ‘fast lane’ to exploding income is far superior to the ‘slow lane’ and the ‘sidewalk’. He then tells us the difference between thinking like a consumer vs. thinking like a producer (a.k.a. how to give the market what it wants!), and why it is important to set expectations in everything in life.

      Top 10     -Entrepreneurship      -Winning inspiring passion     -Control     -Entry     -Need     -Time     -Scale     -Compound interest scam     -The Millionaire Fast Lane     -And much more




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