The REU Roundtable New Year’s Bash: Alliance Marketing, Farming & Other Income-Producing Activities to Create a Pipeline of Deals

In 2021, real estate was a wild and unpredictable ride, but it was also a really good year to capture a lot of opportunity. While we don’t have a crystal ball to know how 2022 will go, we can position ourselves to win under any market conditions. 


What are the highest income-producing marketing activities we need to dial in this year? How do we create content that generates referrals? 


In today’s episode, we close out 2021 with a look forward into propelling our businesses in the New Year!

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • What we can expect from 2022 in real estate Can real estate agents compete with the institutional buyers snapping up tons of property? 


  • The blueprint for success with short form content How can we leverage simple video content and go from unknown to powerhouse authority in our markets? 


  • How top producers focus on their highest income producing activities Instead of sinking time into tasks we can easily and affordably leverage out, what do we need to be doing as business owners?

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