The World of Automated Lead Follow Up

Paying for online leads has been a norm in our world for a while, so it only makes sense that agents and team leaders start investing in systems that make lead follow up easier as well.

Automated follow up is a great way to connect with leads, without spending hours cold calling. The question is, can we still come across as authentic when we aren’t reaching out ourselves? 

Something else we need to think about is how paying for leads and lead follow up fits in with the bigger trend towards squeezed commissions. Is turning to an automated system a viable option for agents who are already seeing smaller profit margins? 

In this episode, we’re diving into automated follow up and explaining why now is the time for agents to embrace it.


We’re about to step into a time where you can buy leads and something that handles them for you. -Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to stay authentic while using automated systems: Automated follow up doesn’t need to be generic and impersonal. Using a platform like KleverLeads allows agents to send customized communication so our messages sound exactly like us.
  • Why authenticity is vital regardless of our follow-up methods: No matter how we choose to follow up with leads, the most important thing to remember is honesty and transparency. When we’re clear on how we want to run our businesses, the right people will be drawn to us.
  • How to invest in automated follow up when commissions are getting smaller: Shrinking profit margins are enough to scare most agents, but we don’t need to respond by expecting lower commissions. Instead, start preparing to do more deals.


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