How to Get Over the 100 Deal a Year Hump w/Dave Pannell

Successful teams are built on the shoulders of hard-working agents. But what kind of agents perform best in a team setting? Should you look for top agents or newer agents that need training? What role does having a system in place play in reducing costs and delivering an excellent customer experience? In this episode, Dave Pannell talks about how he leveraged his team to close over 100 deals per year.

The people I surround myself with is my market share. -Dave Pannell

Three Things We Learned

Not all agents are team players

You have to bring in people who want to be part of a team and respect the team’s rules. Many agents choose real estate because they want to do everything by themselves, but this isn’t possible in a team setting.

Why agents need to have a system to plug into right after they get hired

Don’t bring agents on just because you have more leads that you can handle. Bring new agents on when you have the systems in place where you can just plug people and they know what they need to do on a daily basis. This way, there’s less time spent on teaching the agents what to do.


Why we shouldn’t look to build a team with only top agents

The most stable real estate businesses are based on people who want steady, slow growth, not on rainmakers who might leave the team at some point.


One of the biggest mistakes team leaders and business owners make is searching for agents who were just like them in the beginning. But you have to recognize the fact that top agents don’t usually perform well in a team setting, and most of them will end up starting their own team at some point. What team leaders should look for are people who have a more modest goal and are uncomfortable with the idea of working by themselves but can still make consistent sales.

Guest Bio

Dave Pannell is the broker and the CEO of Cities Real Estate. He has served in The U.S. Marine Corps, and in 2005 he started his real estate journey.

Today, he leads a new breed of agents that take advantage of technology and digital marketing to generate leads and close more sales.

You can find out more about Dave here.

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