How can loan applicants get a credit report?

When applying for a home loan, the applicant must sign a form that allows their credit history to be verified. The cost of checking this credit history is paid by the Loan Applicant. The Loan Officer carefully examines all of the loan applicant's credit reports and considers all three of the individual's credit scores. Three credit scores are obtained from the three credit bureaus Trance Union, Equifax, and Experian, and all three of these scores are considered. The person applying for the loan, even though he has paid the credit report, does not have the right to have a copy of this report, but he can look at this report in the lender's office. Once the loan is approved and the loan documents are signed by the loan applicant, the borrower can be notified of the credit score (credit score) and this score must be notified in writing. The reason that the credit report of the loan applicant is not given to him is to protect the personal information of the loan applicant. The credit report contains all the personal information of the person, including social security number, date of birth, number of all credit cards, etc., and according to the law, lender companies are obliged to protect this information. If the lending company gives its credit report to the loan applicant and as a result of any negligence the loan applicant's information is stolen, the lending company that provided the copy of this report is responsible and can become a Law Suite.