Creating Passive Income Streams with Yosef Lee

In this episode of Movers & Shakers, Josh & Gino talk with Yosef Lee, a lawyer, multifamily apartment syndicator, strategic planner and pilates studio owner.

He started his journey of acquiring cash-flowing multifamily apartments as a tool to create passive income streams and to achieve generational wealth.

The key takeaways from this podcast include:

  • Learn from your mistakes and move on. Use failures and challenges as stepping stones to success
  • Networking brings along not just like-minded connections but also education, which helps you utilise your own knowledge in a practical manner
  • Network effectively by knowing what your skills are and the ways you can add value to your network
  • Growth mindset and massive action are important when you want to accelerate your speed towards success
  • You need to know who you need to be associated with to make it happen

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