How to Leverage Your Vendors, So You Stand Out as the #1 Real Estate Expert in Your Market

Real estate is a relationships business, and not only when it comes to our clients. If we can build strong relationships with vendors in our markets, we’re setting ourselves up for unbelievable results. 


How can we leverage our relationships with vendors to set ourselves up as the go-to real estate pros in our areas, and how can we translate those partnerships into marketing content? What are the options available to newbie agents who might not have relationships with vendors yet?


In this episode, we’re sharing how to create relationships with local vendors that ensure EVERYBODY wins!

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to reach out to the top vendors in our markets Partnering with great vendors is simple enough if we have experience working with them, but how can newbie Realtors with no existing relationships get a piece of the pie?


  • How to tell if a vendor is legit How can we be sure the companies we’re referring our clients to are actually doing what they say they will if we haven’t worked with them before? 


  • How to create content around our vendors WITHOUT using video Is there a way to leverage our relationships with local service providers outside of video content?


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