Angela Kristen Taylor on The Chaos Factor: How Your Past Affects Your Success Today

Being disorganized isn’t just a flaw, it is actually a symptom of a much deeper problem - an affinity to chaos. What traits are telltale signs of this problem? How can this chaos factor be traced back to chaos when we were younger? How can we overcome this? On this episode, real estate coach Angela Kristen Taylor shares how to uproot and overcome chaos in our businesses and lives.

Control issues are tied to not having anyone you could trust in your childhood. -Angela Kristen Taylor  

Three Takeaways

Symptoms of the chaos factor

Being easily distracted, having a love for organizational tools but never being able to put them into action. Never filling up planners Disorganized thoughts in notebooks, writing sideways

Being late, double booking and complete and total disorganization, and being busy but never accomplishing anything.

What happens if the chaos affinity is not addressed

If you don’t deal with this and you still manage to succeed, you will self-sabotage yourself because you’ll still have that thermostat for chaos. That means you’ll constantly find ways to self-sabotage yourself, and create chaos in your life in some way, shape, or form. So no matter what you achieve you will destroy it.

The root of control issues

Control issues and not wanting to give up any control is something that can be tied back to childhood. If you did not have anybody in your life as a child that you couldn’t trust, to show up and do what they said they would do, you’re not going to believe anyone has that capability except for you.


Having chaos in our lives and businesses goes back to having a childhood where we felt like we had no power or control and we were at someone else’s whim. It’s one of the reasons we choose to go out on our own in business, but also the same reason our lives and businesses are chaotic and disorganized.  If this goes unaddressed, it affects how you treat yourself, how we treat others and our whole lives. To overcome it, we have to actively work on ourselves, and dig down to the bottom of the source of the chaos so we can nip it in the bud.

Guest Bio

Angela is a real estate coach and the founder of Master Agent Life. Master Agent Life is the culmination of everything she learned as a real estate agent and everything she learned trying to become the best version of herself: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Go to for more information and for access to a helpful video, and a resource on lead generation ideas.

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