RCRE - Tactical Acquisitions with Chad King

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella Interview Chad King of Titan Capital Group.

Key Information:

Many people are shifting to invest in multi-family as fear grows around the probability of rising inflation and low interest rates for the coming years.

There are deals in every phase of the market cycle. What changes is 1.) how you find them and 2.) how you adjust your underwriting and pro forma assumptions.

Off Market Campaigns: It takes on average four to five contact attempts with owners before you receive any response. Be persistent and you will eventually come in contact with interested sellers.

Sales Tips:

1.Tactical Empathy- Put yourself in the other person’s shoes in order to understand what they want to achieve and what is causing their concerns.

  1. Take Control- A good sales person is talking 10-20% of the time while the person being sold to is talking 80-90% of the time. Taking control of the conversation means letting the other person discuss what they want and what needs to be done to help them get it.
  2. Ask the Right Questions- Address the other person’s concerns directly. Ask them what their biggest reservations are, and what you can be done to remedy them.  


Expert Pro Tip: “Find a good deal and the rest will come”

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Chad King - Facebook

mrchadking - Instagram


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