MFZ - How To Avoid the Get-There-ITIS With Coach Bill Ham

Welcome to the Multi-FAMILY zone podcast, where business meets family. The hosts of the show, Julia and Gino Barbaro, have been married for over twenty years, and have six children. 


Julia homeschools the children, and recently became a marriage and life coach to help couples become better communicators and help enrich their lives.  The couple is constantly asked about how they balance their entrepreneurial and real estate journey while raising their kids. The Multi-FAMILY zone was created to address these questions, along with a host of questions from the Jake and Gino community.


 Formerly a private jet pilot for a world-renowned surgeon, Bill Ham left the Corporate Aviation life and started Phoenix Residential Group with a single duplex and a dream. Over more than a dozen years Bill grew that company to include more than 1500 units spread over the state of Georgia along with a thriving Property Management Company. Trying to anticipate the market cycle, he spent the next few years divesting many of those assets at the peak of the market making his investors substantial returns on their investment. During his entire career he has been a coach and a mentor to dozens of young, soon-to-be industry titans where, even today, he is an integral part of the Jake & Gino community where he excels as a coach.

Bill has seen one recurring problem among new investors trying to break into multifamily, and he experienced it during his aviation career. In this episode, Bill tackles the problem of get-there-itis (The determination of a pilot to reach a destination even when conditions for flying are very dangerous),  where new investors feel that they need to act quickly and show their significant other that they are achieving success, without taking proper precautions or being careless and rushing into potential opportunities to show that they are taking massive action.  Bill discusses how to combat get-there-itis, and shares tips on how to communicate with your partner and share your vision with them.

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