How to Sell High-End Homes in a Shifting Market w/Michael LaFido

While there are vast differences between what’s happening in the various high-end markets across the country, there are things that we can do to boost our sales regardless of our market. What is the state of high-end markets at the moment? How can staging and recommendations impact our probability of selling? How can we expand our pool of potential buyers? In this episode, Michael LaFido discusses what agents can do to maintain and grow their sales rate in a shifting high-end market.

7 out of 10 times there are things an agent could do that are within their control to position a home differently and more effectively. -Michael LaFido

Three Things We Learned

Dealing with open house objections

We have to cover one main area of objection when it comes to high-end open houses, and that is security. By bringing on more people to host the open house with us, asking for viewers’ identification details and advising the seller to put away valuables, we can better ensure a low-risk open house.

Growing our pool of potential buyers

By encouraging our sellers to let their personal networks know that they’re selling, and by sending the same message to their neighbors, we can increase the amount of potential buyers for the property. We can motivate sellers and neighbors by explaining how this will give them some control over who their buyer and new neighbor is.

Articulating recommendations without offending

Being able to articulate our staging advice to sellers without offending them is very important. Instead of saying it in a way that comes across as our personal opinion, we should explain why it makes sense from a market research perspective and how it will help their house sell.


In order to keep our sales rates steady and growing in a shifting high-end market, we need to be able to advise sellers on how to best position their property so that it gets the most views, clicks, and eyeball traffic. When advising, we should be careful of how we articulate our recommendations so as not to offend, and so that they understand what changes will help their property sell. We can reach more potential buyers by using social media effectively and tapping into sellers’ personal networks. In this way, we can compensate for some of the more prominent shifts in our market.


Guest Bio

Michael LaFido is a top-producing luxury Realtor®, a national trainer and a leading authority in luxury real estate with over seventeen years of experience in the industry. Astounding results from his pioneering methods have created tremendous demand for his consulting services, as well as his Marketing Luxury Expert Certification. Throughout his career, Michael has displayed the importance of superior marketing when positioning a home for sale versus traditional marketing methods. Michael is the founder of the Marketing Luxury Group. The Marketing Luxury Group assists other real estate agents and affluent homeowners by providing turnkey marketing services including lifestyle marketing, strategy, consultative, and PR services to help agents and owners sell luxury homes using his proven and repeatable strategies. Michael is the author of “Marketing Luxury”, the best-selling book “Cracking the Real Estate Code” and “Luxury Listing Specialist”. Michael’s marketing has been featured by numerous publications and media outlets. He is the founder and creator of the nationally recognized Marketing Luxury Expert Certification program (LUXE) for real estate agents, a nationally recognized leading authority in the real estate industry and is frequently asked to speak and present at national conventions.   

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