Focused Engagement, Using Instagram as a Tool & Raising Your Facebook Ad Conversion w/Mike Sherrard

When it comes to how we market and advertising ourselves, one of our biggest pitfalls is thinking like a Realtor and not from the perspective of what consumers want. How can we fix this? How can we make our Facebook ads more effective? How can you stay ahead of the game in a changing market? Why is focused engagement so important and how do we achieve it? On this episode, Gene Volpe joins guest Mike Sherrard to talk about levelling up our marketing.

Be the vehicle and catalyst for what people would like to know, what would be valuable and what they don’t have access to. -Mike Sherrard

Three Takeaways

How older agents can thrive in a changing market

A lot of agents in a changing market are trying to chase everything that happens to be new trendy and techy and this only diverts their focus. But focusing on too many things means you just won’t get good at one thing.  


The future of social media engagement

According to Andy Frisella, the future of social media influencers is this mathematical formula for engagement. E2I = FC. This means entertainment, education and impact = focused engagement.


How to get your Facebook ad costs down and your conversions up

Don’t think as an agent, think as a member of the general public. Instead of running an ad of a just listed, do a coming soon just before. Instead of just sold, create a PDF of why a home sold quickly, how quickly you sold it so that the consumers can actually get value. Go to new home builders and get valuable information and photos.


If a changing market is a downmarket, you have so much more time on your hands. This is the time we should double down on our marketing and focus on building a brand. No matter how much the market slows down, we have to keep the human element of prospecting alive, and social media is how we do it. By bridging the gap between old school and new school, and what’s valuable, what people want to know and what’s fresh, we can be really successful.

Guest Bio

Mike is a Canadian Realtor and a Top 30 Realtor on social media. Check him out on Instagram

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