How to Take Your Business into the Future with Geofencing w/Paul Enriquez

Many of us have started using technology as part of our marketing strategies, and pixel tracking has become a major talking point for agents looking to take their businesses into the future. However, is that enough?


While pixel tracking is an important part of 21st century marketing, it’s become the base level everyone should be using. If we truly want to take our businesses into the future, we should be looking into geofencing.


What is geofencing, and how can we start implementing it today? Are there any limitations to the tool? What about the ethical component of it all?


In this episode, Intelligence Manager at KlevrLeads, Paul Enriquez shares how to take advantage of geofencing and everything it has to offer. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How smart devices have changed the way we market As our devices get smarter, it gets easier to get in front of our target audience, everywhere they go. Geofencing has made it possible to advertise not only on our target’s favorite apps, but on every device they own.
  • How to get in front of an audience using keywords alone Certain online searches, like looking at home refinancing, will let us know someone is considering selling, but we can take that a step further. If someone is looking at colleges online, we can suss out if they’re about to have an empty nest, and start targeting them before they’re even actively considering a relocation.
  • The one major limitation of geofencing Geofencing offers us a ton of exciting opportunities to expand our business, but without creativity, it can only go so far. We have to keep thinking out of the box if we want to make the most of the technology available to us.


Guest Bio

Paul Enriquez is the Intelligence Manager at KlevrLeads. With decades of experience in the advertising space under his belt, today Paul is an advocate for geofencing and all the benefits it has to offer, and his specialty lies in using data to target customers the right way. 


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