Buyer & Seller Relationship Hacks for Agents

As agents, establishing and managing our relationships with sellers and buyers can be difficult. How do we set ourselves apart from other agents? What difference can our tone of voice make to our success? How do we deal with indecisive buyers? In this episode, we talk about how we can engage with situations that agents come across when dealing with buyers and sellers in real estate.

The way that you look at and talk to people sets up your success or failure with them within the first 5 seconds. –Gene Volpe

Three Takeaways

How to set ourselves apart from other agents

We need to convince sellers that taking us on as their agent is the right move by identifying what previous agents did or did not do, and working from that to establish how to make a successful sale. We must also consider how to use our advantages to market the property in a way that is new and creative compared to how it was marketed before.

The problem with selling ourselves instead of the system

We don’t want people to want us as individuals, we want people to want the system we’ve built. When we don’t make it clear that we are part of a team and a system clients will expect to, and only want to, deal with us personally.

How to deal with indecisive buyers

When we find a property that ticks all the buyer’s boxes but the buyer doesn’t want to make an offer, their hesitation often stems from a feeling. We either need to bring the decision back to being quantitative, or we need to respond in a way that uses emotion by helping them realize the potential for disappointment.


Navigating relationships with buyers and sellers is tricky, but there are ways in which we as agents can manage them more effectively. We can instill confidence in our abilities by showing clients how we can use our advantages to their benefit, and explaining what sets us apart from other agents who have failed. By being aware of the power our tone of voice has, we can foster client relationships in a positive way. We must develop and use systems and tactics that ultimately help us be better agents, and maintain our relationships with buyers and sellers.

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